14 Smart Ways For Businesses To Emotionally Connect With Customers

What you sell is not your business. Consider what you sell as the vehicle to create value for the people you want to work with—your target customers. When you focus on the value you create and can clearly communicate why they should choose your business, you will stand out in your marketplace and customers will feel connected, knowing that you are taking care of them and solving their issues.

18 Mistakes Business Leaders Make In Managing Their Cash Flow

Many business leaders focus on sales to drive cash flow. I learned early on from an insightful and successful business owner: Focus on expenses, then cash flow, then sales. If you aren’t managing expenses, your profit is running out the door. You can generate sales that require an investment to deliver on, so managing cash flow is second—and then, of course, sales to drive the machine. – Patti Mara

18 Mistakes For Coaches To Avoid When Doing 360-Degree Reviews

The biggest mistake is starting with what isn’t working or needs improvement when sharing the 360-degree assessment results with a team member or leader. Start with what is working, what they are known for or what they can be counted on to deliver, with specifics. If we start with what is working, when we move to what isn’t working or where improvement is needed, it can be heard and engaged with. – Patti Mara, Maranet Inc.