How to Get Your Customers to LOVE YOU

Are you looking for a “shifting point” in your business? That piece of the puzzle that opens up a new level of results?

I had the pleasure of diving deep into the Customer Experience with the host of The GoPROcast, Jeremy Torisk. The customer experience is the pulse of your business. Providing your customer with the solutions they are looking for, coupled with the ability to deliver what you promised, as well as exceptional customer care will make you stand out in your industry. Especially in small, local business.

In this episode, Jeremy Torisk and I discuss:     

  • We are always coaching when we are a Leader.
  • The difference between customer service and a customer experience.
  • Shifting from transactions to relationships.
  • The front-facing team members are the key to a company’s success.
  • Solving the problem that the customer doesn’t even know they have.

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Jeremy Torisk is the host of The GoPROcast where business doers, entrepreneurs, executives, and all-around rock stars come to discuss what it took to start a business. He is also the author of “Labor to Leadership” where he shares his tips for climbing up your own corporate ladder.

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