Podcast Interview: Listening to Your Customers

Steve Gordon with the Unstoppable CEO Podcast recently invited me to join him for his podcast episode titled: Listening to Your Customers. The Unstoppable CEO was created as a way to describe Steve’s clients – business builders, who are creating a better life and a bigger future for themselves and their families. This resonated with me as I believe small to mid-sized businesses are the backbone of our economies!

As I often start off my interviews, I detailed my experience working in a bookstore while attending University. I described the importance of listening and paying attention to the needs of your customers and how doing these small things helped to skyrocket the gross revenue and benefit the team engagement of our small, local bookstore in Canada.

Steve and I talk about what the ideal customer experience looks like (including during the ongoing pandemic), how to help your customers make “better” decisions, and more, including…

  • Why you should never compete on price
  • 3 things you must do to make your team more effective
  • How to listen to what your customers are saying beyond the words
  • Why putting profit as a secondary consideration in your business… will lead to faster growth

Click here to listen.

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