Podcast Interview: Harnessing Crisis To Drive Your Growth

There is not only change happening around us, but also opportunity for positive change in business. This change can lead to growth and success when we focus on value over price.

I recently joined Pat Mancuso on his podcast episode titled: Harnessing Crisis to Drive Your Growth and we discussed how businesses are changing right now, and what shifts need to happen in order for businesses to remain successful.

Pat Mancuso has been a part of one of the most successful training and coaching events to ever be delivered for over eleven years. His belief that, “every conversation has the potential to transform someone, and therefore transform the world.” He has worked with and coached some of the top entrepreneurs and business owners across North America.

“Crisis interrupts all patterns.”

Listen to our podcast to hear Pat and me discuss:

  • Embrace the opportunity for change
  • Business is the value you create
  • Trends that are putting pressure on businesses
  • Focus on solutions, not sales
  • Customers don’t even know what questions to ask
  • UpSolutions recipe
  • What is an educated observation?

Click here to listen.

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