The UpSolution Recipe with Chris Cornelison – Chapter Four of UpSolutions

Welcome to Episode Four of the “Pharmacy Success Strategy Series,” where we delve into the heart of effective pharmacy management and customer care. Today, we focus on Chapter Four of “UpSolutions: Turning Your Teams into Heroes and Customers into Raving Fans,” highlighting the “UpSolution Recipe,” a simple approach for pharmacy teams to consistently address patient needs and enhance customer satisfaction.

Understanding Your Customers – Chapter Two of UpSolutions with Darden Heritage

In this episode, host Patti Mara is joined by pharmacist Darden
Heritage, owner of Star Discount Pharmacy in Huntsville, Alabama
( Darden shares his invaluable
insights and experiences, particularly how focusing on understanding and
catering to customers’ needs has been their secret sauce to profitable

The Opportunity in Change – Chapter One of UpSolutions

In today’s episode, I am speaking with Bob Lomenick, owner of Tyson Drugs in Holly Springs, MS. Bob is a transformative leader in community pharmacy. He is known as the godfather of Med Sync programs and his pharmacy and team continues to be a leader in developing clinical programs and patient care.

He will share how he and his pharmacy team switched from a reactive to proactive approach when faced with Covid and the ongoing challenges in pharmacy. This switch helped to increase customer awareness, improve pharmacy processes and catapulted his pharmacy to the next level.