Pharmacy Success Strategies Podcast
Pharmacy Success Strategies Podcast
The UpSolution Recipe with Chris Cornelison - Chapter Four of UpSolutions

Welcome to Episode Four of the “Pharmacy Success Strategy Series,” where we delve into the heart of effective pharmacy management and customer care. Today, we focus on Chapter Four of “UpSolutions: Turning Your Teams into Heroes and Customers into Raving Fans,” highlighting the “UpSolution Recipe,” a simple approach for pharmacy teams to consistently address patient needs and enhance customer satisfaction.

Chris Cornelison, a visionary in the pharmacy industry, joins us. Not only has Chris successfully owned and operated several pharmacies, but he has also introduced an innovative supplement line, SolutionsRx, designed to provide comprehensive support to patients managing various health conditions. Chris’s dedication to creating value-driven solutions for patients inspired the term “UpSolutions,” which embodies the ethos of this episode.

Key Insights & Gold Nuggets:

1. From Sales to Solutions: Chris emphasizes the importance of shifting the pharmacy team’s mindset from selling products to offering solutions. By focusing on patient outcomes and educating customers, pharmacies can transform transactions into meaningful interactions that genuinely benefit the patient’s health.

2. Patient First, Product Second: A recurring theme throughout our discussion is the priority of patient needs over product sales. Chris shares strategies for training pharmacy staff to recognize and address the specific health concerns of each patient, thereby personalizing the pharmacy experience.

3. Training for Impact: Highlighting the significance of effective team training, Chris discusses his approach to educating staff about products and patient engagement techniques. Through daily huddles and active learning methods, his team became proficient in identifying patient needs and recommending appropriate solutions.

4. Creating Heroes in Pharmacy: Chris and Patti discuss the empowering effect of recognizing and celebrating team successes. By acknowledging the team’s efforts in improving patient health, pharmacies can foster a culture of pride and dedication to excellence.

5. Innovating with SolutionsRx: Chris delves into the creation of SolutionsRx, explaining how the product line is specifically designed to address the nutrient depletions caused by prescription medications. The emphasis on bioavailability, digestibility, and tailored support for various health conditions sets SolutionsRx apart as a valuable resource for pharmacies aiming to offer comprehensive patient care.

For more insights and practical strategies to elevate your pharmacy practice, stay tuned for our next episode, where we will explore advanced techniques in customer communication. Join us as we continue to uncover the secrets to pharmacy success.