The Easiest Fix to Ramp Up Your Business

I see this over and over again – the entrepreneur and team are so focused on the day to day activities they completely miss the #1 thing that impacts their customers’ decision the most.

What is it?

The sign outside your store or office. If you have a service business your most visible sign may be your trucks and technicians.

Does your sign reflect and represent your business? Is it attractive, clean and easy to read?

If not you may be working twice as hard for half the business because people’s first impression of your business creates a negative impression.

Would you choose to eat in a restaurant that had a broken down and filthy sign out front? Probably not!

When we see the filthy sign our brain makes the unconscious association of dirty with the food they are serving and automatically think unhealthy.

How many people do you suppose are choosing to not go in the restaurant just because of the sign?

What about a beaten up or faded sign for a B&B or motel?  Do you want to stay there or does your brain automatically think the rooms will be grungy and dated?

In order to overcome the slower business and attract customers (despite the sign!) most businesses will reduce their prices or offer incentives – wouldn’t it be less expensive to just clean up or update your sign?

Put yourself in your customers shoes and take a look at your entranceway and sign as if you were a customer looking to do business with your company.

Does your entranceway and sign create a good impression? Does it feel inviting for people to want to come in and check out our business?

And then look beyond the entranceway and sign. Do you have an awning? Is it clean and cobweb free? Are your windows clean?

Watch for and eliminate any barriers to people choosing your business.

This is so simple to do, and yet look around and see how many businesses are failing at keeping the front face of their business looking attractive and inviting.

Make sure yours isn’t one of them!

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