Radio Podcast Interview with Business Bangers

It has been an unprecedented year, and I had the great pleasure of speaking with Jacquie Murrell, aka Lady J, on her Business Bangers Spotlight Radio Podcast.

Business Bangers is a division of Life Support Company LLC, founded by Jacquie, better known as “Lady J.” Life Support was founded in 2015 after Murrell’s book series about her awe-inspiring and unbelievable life story titled, “Life Support”. While the company’s program focuses on rebuilding the emotional, social, mental, and financial aspects of life, Murrell started to notice that several individuals wanted to start their own business and small business owners were facing many difficult challenges just to get started. This is how Business Bangers was born in 2018. She decided to add this component to complete the holistic model and help business owners become successful as she did….teaching others how to make the impossible, possible.

In this Radio Interview, Jacquie and I discuss my background, how we came to this point, and the “Golden Age” that we are now in as entrepreneurs.

Click here to listen.

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