The Four Pillars of Team Success

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I’m honored to be hosting a Limited Series on Pharmacy Podcast Network called Pharmacy Success Strategy Series. This is the first of a ten part series featuring interviews with top pharmacy owners sharing their experience and success with the Pharmacy Success UpSolutions Program. We will dive into the Pharmacy Success Strategies that are outlined in my book, UpSolutions: Turning Teams into Heroes and Customers into Raving Fans.

The biggest mistake is starting with what isn’t working or needs improvement when sharing the 360-degree assessment results with a team member or leader. Start with what is working, what they are known for or what they can be counted on to deliver, with specifics. If we start with what is working, when we move to what isn’t working or where improvement is needed, it can be heard and engaged with. - Patti Mara, Maranet Inc.

Beverly Hathorn of Teambuilding Cultures Podcast recently asked if I would join her to discuss the Hidden Power of Your Team. I am always looking for the “shifting point”, the piece of the puzzle that opens up a new level of results. The “hidden power” of your team is one of those “shifting points”. Find out how you can reach your full potential, enhance your customer experiences and dramatically increasing your growth, customer retention, and profit by tapping into the power of your team.

“With all the responsibilities that come with maintaining a pharmacy, it’s easy to forget the customer-facing aspect of the business—but clear communication with customers and a good customer experience is just as important in pharmacy as in any other business.” This was just one of many important points I spoke about during the session “Empowering Technicians: Unlocking Purposeful Impact In Your Pharmacy” at the DiversifyRx Pharmacy Profit Summit 2023 in Dallas, Texas.

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed on Las Vegas Morning Blend, ABC 13 Connects with Jessica Rosado. “As a passionate advocate for locally owned businesses, my desire is to help you position yourself in your business and empower your team so they understand their role and how they get to have an impact everyday.”

I was recently a guest on Talk to Your Pharmacist where I shared what it takes to stand out as an Independent

Setting your team up to win starts with clear communication and setting expectations.

On “This Week in Pharmacy” Todd Eury had a special conversation with Community Pharmacy Business Coach of the Coaches, Patti Mara –who

Setting your team up to win starts with clear communication and setting expectations.